The Right Attire for the Groom

After the purchase of the important bridal gown, many brides turn their attention to what their groom and his attendants will be wearing. Many times, it can be rough getting men to understand what your vision is for your special day, but your groom can help out by telling his groomsmen what he has in mind for their attire.

One of the first picks for groom attire is the traditional tuxedo. Some much-needed groom advice is to just go along with what your lady has in mind for the bid day if it does not conflict a great deal with your thoughts. Most grooms leave all of these details to the bride, but all grooms have the right to share their thoughts, after all, it is his day also. A traditional tuxedo is usually worn in a day or night formal wedding. Some wedding advice for the groom, consider renting these items from your local formal store. Some grooms do purchase their tuxedo, but only if they will be attending other formal events during the next few years.

Renting a tuxedo for yourself and your groomsmen is not too big of a deal. Everyone will need to be measured so that the tuxedos all fit on the big day. Believe me, this is a big deal to the bride, and nothing will stress her out more than to find out the tuxedos are not correct. Get all of the groomsmen together if you can, but most of the time they can come into the formal store and get measured most any time.

For many brides, a tuxedo is too much and they will choose a nice suit. A suit is a great choice, because all men will have an occasion where a suit is required, and after the wedding, they can wear it for many years. Some formal stores do carry suits to rent, however, if you choose to go that route. For weddings that are less formal, say on the beach, a bride and groom may choose a very relaxed shirt and casual pants. Some brides will even suggest that they and their groom go barefoot.

After you make the decision on the groom and groomsmen attire, it is time to consider what groomsmen gifts will be needed on the wedding day or to give to them at the rehearsal dinner. Groomsmen gifts can include cufflinks for groomsmen, although if they do not get dressed up on a regular basis, this gift may not be the right choice. For other groomsmen, a choice is a flask for the groomsmen. Some men like a little bit of a nip now and then, and a nice flask is a gift they can use for a long time.

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