Men’s Fashion – Wedding Attire For The Groom

While there is always much emphasis placed on the bride and her dress, a wedding is also the most important day for the groom and he will also want to be looking at his best.

It is important for the groom to look his best and this will usually require him to be coordinated with the rest of the wedding party, which will include his attire, accessories and to coordinate with the colour scheme that has been chosen for the special day.

For a formal wedding, the tradition will usually dictate what is required to be worn by the groom, and this will usually consist of a tuxedo with a waistcoat, a dress shirt, tie or bow tie and cufflinks, which are essential accessories. There is scope, however, to allow the groom to show a touch of individualism and add a personal touch to his attire with the use of his accessories. A bow tie, for example, can make a huge statement of individualism without being over the top or too garish, a solid colour, oversized, satin bow tie would look very stylish with a tuxedo and dress shirt.

Cufflinks make great accessories and can cater for individual taste, mother of pearl cufflinks are available in many designs and look very subtle and stylish if they are coordinated by all the men in many wedding parties.

Individualised cufflinks that are engraved with the groom, best man and father of the bride are a great novelty without being brash, and they make a great keepsake too.

Choosing the colour of your waistcoat and tie to complement the wedding theme will ensure you have a stylish look, especially if the theme is worn by all the men in the main wedding party. The bow tie is also making a resurgence in popularity, opting for a large, oversized velvet bow tie will certainly make a statement and look very impressive. Varying your tuxedo colour can also be very effective, opting for a dark blue or grey rather than the traditional black can be very effective and look very stylish too.

The number of less formal weddings continues to increase, and it estimated than less than half of grooms actually wear a tuxedo, but that doesn’t mean you have to lack style. Many are opting for cotton and linen suits which are perfect for summer weddings, while a darker suit made from a heavier material is usually the choice for autumn and winter weddings.

Beach weddings continue to increase in popularity and this allows for a very informal dress code, with some thought you can still coordinate the main wedding party even if you choose khakis and sandals or even a Hawaiian theme.

However formal or informal your special day, with some thought the groom can have an individual, stylish attire that will compliment the bride.

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