A Groom’s Gift to his Bride

One of the loveliest wedding traditions involves the special gifts that the bride and groom exchange before the wedding. The wedding gifts are usually presented either the night before the wedding in person or by sending it to where the bride or groom is getting ready right before the ceremony. The latter is particularly common in the case of the groom’s gift to his bride. Of course, the options are endless, but the right gift should be personal, romantic, and timeless. That is why the most popular gift for the bride is jewelry; not only is it all three of those things, but the perfect piece will also take her breath away.

Choosing wedding jewelry to present as a gift can be difficult. It is important that the groom understands that the bride may not wear the piece he has given her during the marriage ceremony. Gentlemen, please do not be offended by this! What men often do not realize is that most brides will already have their wedding jewelry planned by this point. Whether she will be wearing a family heirloom or new bridal jewelry that she has carefully selected to coordinate with her gown, it is likely that the bride has already purchased or borrowed all of her accessories.

This is not to say that a groom should not give his bride-to-be a fabulous piece of jewelry as a wedding gift. Not at all – women love to receive jewelry! It always makes them feel cherished and more beautiful. The sentimental nature of jewelry is another reason why it is an unbeatable choice. If you would be very disappointed not to see that special necklace or pair of earrings adorning your bride as she walks down the aisle, there are some things that you can do. Drop hints to your fiancee that she is not to purchase any wedding jewelry. You may think that this will ruin the surprise, but believe me, your bride will love the anticipation of waiting to receive your very special gift. Then, enlist her mother or a bridesmaid to help you select the wedding jewelry. That way, you can be sure that the necklace, earrings, or bracelet will be perfect with the bride’s gown.

If you prefer to keep the wedding gift a complete surprise, there are a couple of other ways that you can present it to your bride. A wonderful option is to give it to her the afternoon before the wedding. As she is getting dressed for the rehearsal dinner, take a moment to give her that tiny little box (this is why we say that good thing come in small packages!), and to say a couple of romantic words. That way she can wear your gift to the rehearsal dinner even if it does not work for the day of the wedding. Another fabulous idea would be to have the gift sent to her right before the ceremony with a note saying how excited you are to see her wear the jewelry on your honeymoon.

The wedding gifts that a bride and groom give one another will always be remembered. It is a great way for the groom to show the bride how much he looks forward to starting their life together. A piece of wedding jewelry is something that the bride will love for years after the wedding, as it will always remind her of the romance of that very special day

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